Raised on South African soil & a diet of nature, Michelle has an obvious love for wildlife which she expresses in a bold, detailed style & limited colour palette. Best known for her brown on white African wildlife, Michelle’s work is ever evolving as her influences change.

While capturing the character & nature of the animals is always the focus of her work, she takes great inspiration from form, texture, light and colour which are continually shaping her style.

Spending a great deal of time in the wild photographing & studying all her subjects personally gives her first-hand knowledge of their character and detail. While her first love will always be African Wildlife, her extensive travels have provided her the opportunity to photograph & develop an appreciation for a greater variety of wildlife.

Her cropping & omission of backgrounds is very intentional as she strives to draw attention to a particular focal point in order to capture the essence of the animal and the mood of the moment. While her colour palette may vary with each collection, it remains minimal to help achieve this.

“My greatest objective is to share the beauty of what I see in nature in a fresh way that stirs up a greater love & appreciation for wildlife and this age-old genre.”

Art Evolution

Art Evolution

Art Evolution

Art Evolution


As the history of our planet has proven, evolution is inevitable & necessary.

This is just as true for an artist. For me.

Creativity is an ever-changing form of expression & over my 20 odd years of painting wildlife, my approach to it has gradually evolved as my view of nature has changed and broadened.

Four varying Art Series are the result of this journey of evolution…

Colour Series

Sepia Series

Silver Series

Savannah Series